About Me

My name is Dhanari and I was born on May 2016. My dad been traveling on business all the time and my mum always traveled with him as well. They were thinking that it will change after my arrival but they wanted to experiment and travel with me before making any changes.

I been traveling with them since I was less than a month old and they soon discovered that it is not as hard as they thought.

Traveling with a baby is easy if you plan well and choose your accommodation carefully.

When I am 1 year old in May 2017  –

  • 81959 Miles flown
  • Been in 12 countries
  • Been on 12 airlines
  • I been on 48 flights in first year of my life.

We are not here to set out to make her the world’s most traveled child but this is something happening along the way.

We hope to inspire other parents and let them know that having a baby doesn’t need to be the end of travel.