Philippines Airlines – Aircraft change disappointment / Confusion

We thought it’s worth sharing this because we have never experienced this kind of behaviour from any airline. 

We chose Philippines airlines for our trip to Japan and we carefully chose aircraft type and seats before we take any journey because we hate flying on narrow body aircraft and we want to sit in a same row. 

At the time we booked a tickets, aircraft type looked as follows –

BKK – MNL —-> Airbus A350,  MNL – HND —-> Airbus A330 – 300,  KIX – MNL —-> Airbus A330 – 300,  MNL – BKK —-> Airbus A350

After buying a ticket, we checked our reservation and we found that we are not sitting together as booked earlier and after investigating we found that BKK to MNL aircraft been changed to Boeing 777-300 which has 7 seats in a row. Airbus A350 had only 4. Well we changed our seats accordingly.

Everything went fine while we checked in at BKK airport but once we arrived at MNL airport, we been given new boarding passes and again our seat numbers were changed and after investigating the issued we found that aircraft been changed from Airbus A330-300 to Airbus A321 which is narrow body aircraft and had no personal screen on board. Crew gave handheld entertainment devices but they never worked. 

After arriving HND, we again found that aircraft been changed from Airbus A350 to Boeing 777-300 for MNL to BKK. 

Wow, we never ever experienced such frequent aircraft changes from any airline and it will keep us off from flying on Philippines airline.

Such a bad experience.

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