Longyearbean (Svalbard) – Where the sun never sets

We recently visited Longyearbean which is the North most permanent settlement or city on the planet. It was a summer time there (below 5 degree Celsius of course) and we had sun light 24 hours a day. Yes Sun never go down in summer here and it never comes up in winter.

It is a the most north most city where you can reach by a commercial flight and we did some study about the place before going there because it is not wise to travel to unsafe places with a kid but this place is very safe and we did enjoy our short trip there.

We knew some of the fun facts about Longyearbean which can be found on google such as –

  • Its founded by an American.
  • Most of people have guns because of the polar bears.
  • Sun does not set in Summer and does not rise in winter.
  • No cats here and you can’t bring one.
  • The world’s northernmost church, ATM, Post Office, museum, commercial airport and university are all located here.
  • You can’t die here. Due to permafrost, bodies do not decompose and pushed upwards so there is no place for a graveyard. They have one which can be seen from our hotel room window but stopped accepting new bodies 70 years ago so If you die here, you will be sent to mainland Norway.

What we didn’t knew and was very important –

Our kid got a little cold and we knew that they had one hospital and its open 24 hours and that is what google said.

It was Saturday evening so we asked hotel reception and been told that hospital only operates Monday to Friday from 11am till 3pm and they had only 3 doctors but they had an emergency number which we can call and they will come to the hotel. You should be transfer to mainland Norway by helicopter in case its urgent.

We didn’t call emergency number because it wasn’t so bad but its worth knowing this information. Supermarket, Pharmacy and other shops have very limited operation hours during weekend as well.

It is worth visiting but prepare yourself well specially when you are traveling with a little one and enjoy the trip.

We may go back sometime when its dark there !!!!

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