My last flight as an Infant

07 May 18

We are going to India on Thai Airways today and this will be the last flight of our baby as an infant. Its her 109th flight and she has flown 191893 miles in total.

Time has gone very fast and she has grown in no one. She will have her own seat from her next flight and her own frequent flyer status. She will be eligible to earn miles and the only negative side of the story is that we need to pay more for her tickets.

Infant pay only 10% of adult fare and reduce taxes and there are no restrictions on tickets normally but now we may need to pay 75% of adult fare on most the flights and 100% on some of the flights and fare restrictions will be same as adult.

We never had a problem while taking her all around the world and we enjoyed it a lot. Hope this will inspire other parents.

Having a baby is not an end of travel but its a travel full of fun.

This is her picture when she flew first time.

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