My first flight in Economy class

We never flew in economy class since we got a child and this was a first time flying on all economy low cost carrier Indigo for a short flight from Jaipur to Delhi.

This is a very first time when we realise that sitting back of an aircraft changes the whole experience and the aircraft feels much bigger when you are sitting at the back.

We got our seats almost the the back of the flight and it was a full early morning flight from Jaipur to Delhi. Seats were fine for a short 40 minutes flight and they do not serve any meal which include payable meal option because of the duration of the flight.

One good thing about Indigo is that they do serve complimentary water on board which may not available on most of the low cost carriers outside India.

Economy seats are much smaller than Business but the real issue is the leg room which makes very difficult to hold an infant during the flight.

Our baby was crying most of the time during the flight and it is the first time ever she cried during the flight. I think she were not feel comfortable due to limited space available.

Overall it was a nice experience and worth trying for a short flight.

It is perfectly fine to fly in Economy on low cost carrier for a short haul flight but it is bit difficult if you have a baby in economy on an almost full flight.

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