Hilton Jaipur – Wet bed and full refund

Hilton Jaipur – Wet bed and full refund

We recently stayed in Hilton jaipur for a very short transit. This property is very nice and we never had an issue but this time we had some issue with a bed which wasn’t acceptable because of the duration of the stay.

This is a first time we booked this property using 20000 Hhonors points. We arrived at 6PM and upgraded to the suite which was very nice. We directly went to lounge to have some snacks and then our baby had a dinner in a room.

We had a flight to catch at 6AM in morning which means waking up at 3AM and leave this hotel at 4AM. We tried to finish everything fast and when we jumped to the bed to sleep around 9, we found that one side of the bed was all wet.

The first solution was lets sleep and put the towel on the bed or we won’t be able to catch enough sleep but it was so wet that it didn’t work then I immediately call housekeeping and they were quick to come. They found that it was all wet from bed sheet to the mattress and they needed to change all. It took them 5 visits to our room and almost 2 hours to fix the problem.

It was almost 11PM and midnight by the time our baby slept. We clearly couldn’t get any rest which was the purpose of the stay.

We complained during checkout and duty manager was quick to come and apologies. We later received an email from him as well but then there was no response when we replied and requested for a full refund.

After waiting for a week, we decided to take an issue with Hhonors directly and they were very quick to credit back all the points within 2 days.

This was our first complain to Hhonors in last 2 years and we are glad that they were very fast to respond.

Some high end nice properties may run into issues sometime but they should reply to the client.

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