An Egyptair Experience !!!!

Recently we had a chance to fly Egypt air with our baby for a very first time on a short flight from Accra (Ghana) to Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire) which is operated using 737. We flown on this route many times on Emirates.

There were only seven passengers joined this flight from Accra to Abidjan which was kind of shocking but there is a lot of things which Egyptair should improve in order to get more passengers.

Pros –

  • Business class seats are perfect for this short trip.
  • Prices are much much lower than other carriers flying on same route.
  • Female staff on board were friendly and warm.

Cons –

  • They have only one flight a week.
  • Despite accepting our AVML meal request. They did not serve anything to anyone on this flight. (They should not accept meal request in this case).
  • Only drink were offered and selection is very limited. (Water in our case).
  • No seat infant belt for a baby (Big security issue).

I don’t know that we may or may not fly again on Egypt air but we do avoid many carriers when we are traveling with our little one.

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