Swiss : First class seat for business class ticket

Swiss normally operates small aircrafts (A319, A320, E90 etc) for their regional flights within Europe but there are times when they operate their long haul aircraft on these routes on which they also have first class seats.

Swiss do not sell first class on these routes and you won’t be able to book first class ticket but you are free to choose first class seat (Subject to availability) when you book business class on these flight.

We will be flying from Vienna to Zurich and on that particular day, this flight is operated using A340 and we were surprised to see that we are able to reserve first class seat on business class ticket because while checking a seat map it shows first class along with business and we successfully reserved seat number 01G and 01D which are first class seats.

Currently following Swiss regional flights from ZRH to VIE and vice versa are operated by long haul aircraft on which you can choose first class seat.

ZRH to VIE as LX 1582 and VIE to ZRH as LX 1583 on following dates : 21 Sep, 22 SEP, 24 SEP, 28 SEP, 29 SEP, 08 OCT, 22 OCT.

Here is a seat map of A340 for above mentioned flights.

Let us know if you were able to book first class seat on business class ticket.

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