How to deal with baby vomit on flight !!!

Babies do throw up sometimes and our daughter threw up twice in flight out of her 67 flights in 16 months. Crew were very helpful on both of the flights (ACC – AMS on KLM business class and SIN – BKK on Cathay Pacific premier economy) but we heard all sort of stories of crew not being responsive in these kind of situations.

You should always carry some essential items as a part of hand carry baby bag to deal with this situation –

  • 2 extra pair of clothes
  • An extra pair of shoes
  • Lots of tissues
  • Disposable bags
  • Baby wipes.
  • Baby Diapers
  • Baby medicines

We learned that feeding little bit less than normal before flight helps to reduce the chances of her throwing up in flight. You can feel normally after takeoff.

We also carry some extra clothes for us incase she throw up on our clothes but we have never faced this situation yet.

You should know that airplane blankets make excellent cloth protector if you know that your child is going to throw up.

Crew has cleaning materials and they can help you to clean if your child vomit on the floor or on the seat. It won’t smell after the cleanup.

I am sure that it would be difficult to handle the situation in economy because of the fellow passengers sitting next to you but it is normal for babies to throw up and most of us do understand it.

Let us know if you ever faced this situation in sky.

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