How to avoid baby jet lag ???

How to avoid baby jet lag


We been traveling with our baby all over the world. We found that jet lag effects babies almost same as adults.

Its all about changing the sleep and meal schedule effectively to reduce the effects of jet lag. It effects more when we travel from West to East because if we arrive late in East then its still very early to sleep in West so its difficult for child to fall sleep and change meal schedule.

What we do is –

  1. We try to change her sleeping schedule as soon as we are in flight (Play with her to keep her active during flight if our arrival time is late in evening or try to get her some sleep incase we are arriving during day time) which help her to avoid jet lag.
  2. We change her sleep time as soon as we arrive to new destination and its easy when we travel from East to West.
  3. Change meal schedule as soon as we arrive new destination.
  4. Try to give her same environment (Same room temperature, her blanket, sleeping bag) and a baby cot because she always sleeps in a cot.
  5. Never force your child to change schedule because every child is different and some may need more time than others to adapt.


Its been an easy journey so far and we never had a problem because of jet lag but sometimes she may wake couple of times during first night.

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