Incompetent Garuda Indonesia Reservation Agents

We feel that airline business is very complex and some airlines agents are just not competent enough and give incorrect information to the clients. Today my parents faced the situation which is worth sharing because this can force to change the plan if you do not understand or handle the situation as required.

We called Garuda Indonesia call centre in Jakarta –

  • My parents brought economy class tickets on Garuda Indonesia and got upgraded to business using Garuda miles.
  • After couple of days they called Garuda Indonesia call canter in Jakarta and ask to add an infant business class ticket which they wanted to pay full. (This is something we have done several times with other airlines).
  • Agent on the phone informed that it is not possible to add an Infant paid ticket to this reservation instead we should buy an economy class ticket and upgrade using miles same as my parents (It will cost same amount of miles to upgrade from economy to business which is ridiculous).
  • We ended the call after thanking the agent.

We called Garuda Indonesia Bangkok office –

  • Asked the same thing and agent said that it is possible. She will email us and we should reply and send my passport copy in email which is required to make a reservation. Email came within minutes and passport copy is sent.
  • After 5 minutes she called back and said that it is not possible to add an Infant because adults tickets were upgraded using miles.
  • She suggested that we should refund all the miles and travel all 3 in economy or cancel one ticket and buy a new paid business class ticket along with a ticket of baby.
  • We ended the call after thanking the agent again.

We knew that it is completely possible because we have done it so many times with other airlines and it makes no sense that paid passenger (baby in this case) can’t fly with passengers upgraded using miles.

We called Garuda Indonesia Singapore office now –

  • Asked the same thing and agent was quick and added the name of baby immediately into the reservation which she sent by email and sent a quotation by email (25 SGD). She said that they can’t charge credit card on phone and we need to send cash to their office in Singapore before the date of travel.
  • We asked our contact in Singapore to pay 25 SGD and once he arrived there to pay, she said the quote she sent was for economy class and business class price is around 90 SGD which we paid anyway and got the ticket finally.

What would have happened with passengers who fly couple of times a year. they would have wasted their miles or ended up traveling in economy.

Why agent is Singapore didn’t check correctly before sending a quote by email.

And at last thank god that we had a contact in Singapore otherwise there was no other solution.

Garuda Indonesia should train their reservation staff because this wasted lots of time over the phones and its very inconvenient.

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