My first time on Lufthansa and my first New Year

08 Jan 2017

Happy new year 2017 !!!!!

It was my first time that I been exposed to such a cold weather but I am doing absolutely fine. We planed to celebrate by first New year in Disneyland Paris and I will be flying today from Budapest to Frankfurt and then to Paris tomorrow on Lufthansa.

Lufthansa business class is same as economy but the middle seat is left vacant so we have 3 seats instead of 2 which is good and I can spend some of my time on that seat as well.

We will be flying Budapest – Frankfurt – Paris – Frankfurt – Venice on Lufthansa.

It was snowing in Paris and we celebrated my first new year in Disneyland Hotel. My parents felt that Disneyland in Hong Kong and US is much better than Disneyland in Paris but it was fine but not a great stay.

We have enjoyed Budapest, Paris city and Venice more than Disneyland.

  • Paris airport (CDG) is one of the worst I have ever visited.
  • Paris Disneyland doesn’t lived up to the mark as well.
  • Marco Polo business class lounge was the worst business class lounge I have ever been.


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