My first flight on KLM and my first visit to Malaysia

26 August 2016

Today I am excited to fly to Kuala Lumpur for the very first time and I will be flying there on KLM.

After flying on KLM I realized that Asian airlines seems to employ young cabin crew but KLM crew was much more older than Asian airlines and it makes a lot of difference. They seem more experienced and their approach towards me was very different and personalized. Well I must say that KLM won over Asian airlines in terms of their approach towards young flyers like me.

Airline flown – KLM
Countries Visited – Malaysia
Miles Flown – 725
Total number of countries visited – 6
Total miles flown – 21214
Total number of airlines flown – 6
Age – Little over 3 months
Total number of flights till date – 14

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