My first flight

10 June 2016

Bangkok to New Delhi on AI 333
Type of Aircraft – Boeing 787

This is my first ever flight on Air India from Bangkok to New Delhi when I was less than a month old. Experience on Air India 787 was pleasant and Air India crew were very helpful. I was sleeping in most of the flight.

As per my parents, I never cried during this flight and they think that it is because they feed me on time every 3 hours and research shows that white noise from jet engines help babies in sleeping.

Airline flown – Air India
Countries Visited – Thailand, India
Miles Flown – 1824
Total number of countries visited – 2
Total miles flown – 1824
Total number of airlines flown – 1
Age – Less than a month
Total number of flights till date – 1

Air India Boeing 787 Business class seat

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