My first flight on Garuda Indonesia

18 August 2016

Today┬áI am flying first time on Garuda Indonesia and I heard that it is one of the best airlines to fly. We got pick up on time from hotel and reached at airport on time as well but unfortunately Garuda informed us that the flight on which we are booked been overbooked and they have give us two options –

  1. Fly in economy class on the same flight for free and we can use our business class tickets later.
  2. Or fly in business class on next flight and they offer us 100000 IDR cash each for each passenger.

We have taken second option and headed to lounge directly and waited for the flight. Garuda has decent lounge but waiting time was too long.

Once on board Garuda airbus 333, it was a nice experience overall but Garuda did not provide baby cot on this flight.

We look forward to fly on Garuda in near future.

Airline flown – Garuda Indonesia
Countries Visited – Indonesia
Miles Flown – 602
Total number of countries visited – 5
Total miles flown – 20489
Total number of airlines flown – 5
Age – About 3 months
Total number of flights till date – 13

Me on Garuda flight

View out of window

Me before going to airport

Garuda business class seat.

Food tray on Garuda.

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